D.M. Corrales

D.M. Corrales is owner of FIHM. She is an NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture and NCCAOM
educator in Oriental medicine.  She is also a CEU instructor for the State of Florida in Oriental
Medicine.  She has been in practice over a decade as a primary care healthcare provider in Oriental
medicine. In addition, she has been a licensed massage therapist for more than twenty years.

She is co-founder of
Solantis Insitute and she is also co-author with her colleague and partner on
a medical text on Oriental medicine.  She is founder and owner of School of Traditional Healing.

She comes from a long bloodline of healers and spiritual practitioners and is a hereditary
Curandera and Shaman.

Aside from her medical and healing practice, she is an artist and energy healer.  She also enjoys
teaching 'Art as Medicine' and takes participants through a journey of self discovery and healing
as they create their personal works of art.

She belongs to the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers, an ecclesiastical branch of
pastoral medical service.  She received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from this Order.  
Being a religious order, it is completely separate from state licensing.  She does not provide this
service through FIHM, but through her Charter, as FIHM is state licensed.  She was knighted in

Knighted SMOKH 2010
Priest Ordination:  Reverend Mother of Holy Catholic Church of the East in Brazil

Art as Medicine :  "The Five Elements" by D.M.Corrales
               Classes offered

I just took the
Mesotherapy course
with Dr. Corrales and all
I have to say is many
thanks!  The course
was informative and
will give me a new set
of tools in my treatment
of rejuvenation.  The
knowledge and
experience I have been
granted will enhance
my treatments for
years to come.  Thank
you so much Dr.
Corrales! ... Natasha