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Fire and Water is a modern adaptation for
working water and fire cures for life's situations.  
The authors are long time priests and five
element practitioners who are dedicated to
serving the good of humanity.  Price:  $30.00
Solantis (Solantis Trilogy Book 1)
203 pages
Solantis is the story of Taylor, an academic who leaves her
solitary suburban life to embark on a journey t the Solantis
Institute, a place like no other she's ever experiences- both
futuristic vertical cit and mystical tower  of spirit.  She meets
extraordinary people both scientific and psychic who are
tracing a mysterious object that may bring destruction to
Earth or usher in a new age of salvation.  First of the Solantis
Trilogy.  Price:  $11.95  Also available on Kindle
Dr. Huo's Medical Qi Gong Energy Exercises is a
light-hearted, easy to follow instructional book for those
who have little to no experience with their Vital Qi, or
energy exercises.  Dr. Huo includes some simple exercises
to help sustain the health of the internal organs or to help
improve health in general.  After more than fifty years of
practicing Qi Gong, Dr. Huo is pleased to offer exercises
that he that he learned trough his father, through medical
Qi Gong at Shanghai University of TCM, and some that he
created for the benefit of all whom he has had the privilege
to treat or teach.
DVD included
Years of reserach and clinical practice have proved
Dr. Huo's Tradtional Chinese Medicine:  Traumatology
as a definitive and crucial methods in the treatment of
simple, stable, closed fractures, dislocationa and soft
tissue injuries.  It successfully integrates the use of Dr.
Huo's ointment, soak solutions and herbal formulas to
that of reading xrays for successful treatment of
injuries. thsi is the firest edition of Dr. Huo's Chinese
Medicine:  Truamatology.  It is a simply explained text
with plexty of x-ray pictures to get an understanding of
Years of research and clinical practice have proved r.
Huo's Qi Gong Five Needle Scalp Technique as a
definitive and crucial methos in the treatment of all
health disorders and diseases.  It successfully
integrates the ancient philosophy of Qi Gong in the
maintenance of health while instructing practitions how
to channel this vital energy to prodice lasting effective
results for all patients.
                   Buy all three books and receive a discount:  $130.00